Jesus: Man of the Bible



This 12-lesson Bible study course is designed to educate, inform, challenge, and inspire people to become more active participants in the revealed will of God. It will help you learn many important things about God and the Bible, and, at the same time, help you learn unbiased Bible study skills.

The reason why we need a study course like this is a simple one. Perhaps you have seen all of the different things being taught and practiced in the religious world around us. In the world today, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of groups claiming to be Christians and each one has its own particular set of doctrines and practices. Since most of these differences in some way relate back to the Bible, it is necessary to study it to find out which teachings today are correct.

This material has been designed to be a real STUDY course. After a general introduction to the theme of our study, you will be asked to find, read, and carefully think about the meaning of hundreds of passages from the Bible. As you go along you will become more familiar with the location of books in the Bible and learn study skills that will help you determine the true meaning of the Bible on your own. After completing the 12 lessons of the course, we will reward you with a diploma that you can hang on your wall. However, aside from a diploma, the wealth of knowledge you will gain from your study will be considerably more valuable!

The way this study material works is simple. Each lesson is presented online along with a series of questions. To properly study through the course, you will need the lesson material and a Bible you can use for your reading assignments. You may also want some paper on which to take notes. Study each lesson carefully. Be sure to stop and read all of the passages carefully.1 Some lessons also have supplementary WORKSHEETS included. If you encounter this symbol:
then please STOP reading the lesson material at that point and complete the research assignment before returning to the lesson material.

Once you have completed working your way through all of the material for the lesson you then proceed to answer the test questions for each lesson. Read each question carefully and consider all the possible answer choices. Select the best answer by clicking on it. Be sure to enter your name and email address for each lesson so we can track your progress and send you a copy of your results. If you have any questions about the material, please include them in the box provided before you submit your answers. Your lesson will be graded immediately, and if you score at least 60%, you can move on to the next lesson. If you average at least 70% over the whole course, you will fulfill our requirements for graduation and receive a special diploma, which you can hang on your wall. However, aside from a diploma, the wealth of knowledge you will gain from your study will be considerably more valuable!

If at any time you have questions about anything in your study, please feel free to email us or submit them with your lesson. We will do our very best to help you find the answers you seek. In addition, if you have friends whom you think might like to study this course please refer them to this page or send us their names and mailing/e-mail addresses and we will be very happy to reserve them a space in our next session of FREE classes at the Bible Study Center.

As a final thought before you start, please remember that we have gone to great lengths to make this study FREE of both cost and obligation. There is no tuition and by agreeing to take this course, you are not changing your religion or joining a religious group. All we are asking you to provide is the time to study. We sincerely hope that you enjoy your study and learn many new things about God and the Bible!

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1 NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, all Bible quotations contained in the lesson material come from the Easy-To-Read version.