How To Enroll at the BSC!

We are happy that you are interested in possibly taking courses with us. Here is how our enrollment process works.

First of all, you need to know that we have two types of courses here at the Center. There are courses that meet once a week, which we call MINOR COURSES, and thare are courses that meet twice a week, which we call MAJOR COURSES. Since our courses last for six weeks, minor courses will have a total of six class meetings while major courses will have a total of twelve meetings.

To successfully graduate from a course students must attend a required number of class meetings. For minor courses, a student must attend five out of the six possible meetings. For major courses, it is ten out of the possible twelve meetings.

Students who accumulate more than the allowed number of absences may request make-up classes with their instructors so they can graduate.

Deciding which courses to take at the Center can be difficult. We have many courses to choose from. We generally advise students to start by signing up for our major course entitled Jesus: Man of the Bible. It is designed to give students a complete look at the main story of the Bible. The follow-up major courses we have are Jesus: Lord of our Lives, What is REAL Christianity?, and finally What controls your life. These courses must be taken in series beginning with Jesus: Man of the Bible.

We also have a number of minor courses available that have been designed primarily to supplement the material found in major courses. You may enroll in as many or as few courses as you like.

Of course we realize that the course you want to take might not be available when you are. If so, please let us know. Others might be in the same situation and we might be able to change the schedule. It is also possible that you can take the course during the NEXT session of classes! We have at least SIX class sessions each year and so there are always new opportunities to enroll in the courses you want.

We hope that you will come and enroll in a class with us and remember that there is NO TUITION for these courses and we will provide all class materials for FREE! In addition, don't forget that we will award you with a certificate for each course you complete!

Come by and let us help you get started in a personal Bible study program!