Jesus: Man of the Bible

The material studied in the course "Jesus: Man of the Bible" can be divided into three divisions.

Lessons 1-4 will deal with the Bible itself and serve as an introduction to Bible study in general. We will look at the history of how we got the written word, why the Bible is the authority in religion and some guidelines for Bible study.

Lessons 5-8 will concentrate on the person of Jesus Christ with special emphasis toward his dual nature. Well look at who God is, where Jesus came from, his deity and his humanity.

Lessons 9-12 will focus upon topics which are crucial to the Christian existence, yet are misunderstood by most people today. We will see how Jesus was able to be God and man at the same time. Finally we will see an important role Jesus has in our lives today. This course is a beginning course and is ideal for those students who have had limited study in the Bible or are just starting out in the study of God's word.

Lesson 1 - History of the Bible

Lesson 2 - The Source of our Authority

Lesson 3 - How to Study the Bible (Part 1)

Lesson 4 - How to Study the Bible (Part 2)

Lesson 5 - Where Did Jesus Come From?

Lesson 6 - Jesus: The Great Carpenter

Lesson 7 - The God Who Became a Man

Lesson 8 - Why Jesus Became a Man

Lesson 9 - The Great Paradox (1)

Lesson 10 - The Great Paradox (2)

Lesson 11 - The Pioneer of Our Faith

Lesson 12 - Review

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