How We Got the Bible

The material studied in the course "How to Study the Bible" is designed to help the student gain and apply practical skills in reading the Bible and understanding what they read. The first lesson covers six principles of learning which will help almost everyone. The next two lessons cover discuss the differences between the Old and New Testaments and give tips on how to study them. Then we dicuss the importance of things like context, grammar, and figurative language for understanding the text of the Bible. Finally we look at some of the particular ways that the New Testament teaches and complete a practical application of the study of Jonah.

The lessons are:

Lesson 1 - Learning How To Learn

Lesson 2 - How to Study The Old Testament

Lesson 3 - How to Study The New Testament

Lesson 4 - Undertanding What We Read

Lesson 5 - How the New Testament Teaches

Lesson 6 - Summary and Practical Application