Can We Believe the Bible?

The material studied in the course "Can We Believe the Bible" is from a filmstrip that is presented in 6 lessons. It deals with different topics while suggesting that there is proof of the authenticity of the Bible through ancient secular history and the science of Archaeology. The material also brings out different types of Bible difficulties and shows evidence to suggest that there is no valid reason why we cannot trust the Bible to be just what it claims to be - the Word of God!

Each filmstrip lesson will be followed by a set of questions - to be completed by students in class. Once students have answered and checked the questions the remainder of the class time will be spent discussing the topic. It is important to pay attention to the film presentation so that the questions can be answered.

Lesson 1 - The Documents

Lesson 2 - Archaeology of the Old Testament

Lesson 3 - Archaeology of the New Testament

Lesson 4 - Historical and Scientific Difficulties

Lesson 5 - Miracles and Divine Revelation

Lesson 6 - Final Exam

Original text and slides from "Can We Believe the Bible?", ©1983 Gospel Services, Inc. Used by permission. Various edits and new audio recordings by the Bible Study Center 2006-2014.

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