What is Real Christianity?

As the name implies, this course is concerned with sorting through the maze of religious confusion in the world today, with its 38,000 groups, in search of the simplicity of New Testament Christianity as it was in the beginning. After reviewing the basics of Bible authority and how to study the Bible, the material works systematically through a historical survey of how "Christianity" today went from the one church Jesus started to the over 41,000 groups who claim to be Christian. Throughout the course the students will be confronted with the challenge to compare what religion today teaches with the teachings of original Christianity.

Note: Students must have completed Jesus: Man of the Bible and Jesus: Lord of Our Lives prior to enrolling in this course.

Lesson 1 - UNITY: ONE not 38,000!

Lesson 2 - God's Authority - A REVIEW

Lesson 3 - What GOD Means When HE Says "CHURCH"

Lesson 4 - The History of the Problem: 1st through 3rd Centuries

Lesson 5 - The History of the Problem: 4th Through 11th Centuries

Lesson 6 - The History of the Problem: 12th Through 16th Centuries

Lesson 7 - The History of the Problem: The PROTESTANT Reformation

Lesson 8 - The History of the Problem: Reformation to the PRESENT

Lesson 9 - The CURE for the Problem: RESTORATION

Lesson 10 - Biblical Christianity: Leadership

Lesson 11 - Biblical Christianity: SIN!

Lesson 12 - Biblical Christianity: The GOOD NEWS!