Parables of Jesus Part 3

This course is the third in series of classes on the "Parables of Jesus". Jesus was a master teacher who most of the time, spoke in plain terms about the truths of the Gospel, but on several occasions he gave teachings in the form of Parables. Parables are stories Jesus told about ordinary life but they have a hidden or spiritual meaning. The parables comprise more than one-third of the recorded teachings of Jesus. The goal of this course is to take some of those and open them up so that their meaning can be seen and help the student to learn how to study Parables on their own.

Some of the Parables we will look at in this course focus on the reality that there is a time coming when we will all stand before God and we must be prepared. They also look at what God expects from man and what man can expect from God in response to his attitudes and actions.

Lesson 1 - The Mustard Seed And The Leaven

Lesson 2 - The Lost Sheep And Lost Coin

Lesson 3 - The Ten Virgins

Lesson 4 - The Talents

Lesson 5 - The Dragnet

Lesson 6 - The Rich Man And Lazarus