Old Testament Survey - Part 1

This course is the first of a series of SIX (6) parts covering a survey of the Old Testament. A survey course is designed to skim through the major points of a book.

In Part 1, we will introduce the part of the Bible we know as the Old Testament. We will then cover the time period from THE BEGINNING (Gen. 1:1) up to the time when the Israelites leave Egypt after being released from slavery. Focus will be given on the nature of the story, the progression of it, as well as its significance when compared with the New Testament happenings in the life of Jesus.

Lesson 1 - The Rise and Fall of Humanity

Lesson 2 - The Early History of Man

Lesson 3 - Abraham the Patriarch

Lesson 4 - Isaac and His Sons

Lesson 5 - Joseph and His Brothers

Lesson 6 - Israel in Egypt