How We Got the Bible

The material studied in the course "How we Got the Bible" is designed to familiarize the student with how the Bible has come to be in it's present form. We will start by looking at the history of writing and early books and go on and discuss some of the early manuscripts of the Bible and how they have affected it. We will also look at how recent discoveries of ancient manuscripts have influenced the Bible. Lastly we will look at the canon of the Bible and some of the translations of the Bible that we see today and how they evolved.

This course is in video format and consists of 6 lessons. Each lesson will be followed by a questions on the presentation which will be completed during the class time. The questions will not be graded but are to help you remember the important facts covered in the filmstrip. It is important to pay attention to the film so that you can answer the questions. The lessons are:

Lesson 1 - The Bible Comes into Being

Lesson 2 - The Manuscripts of the Bible

Lesson 3 - The Translations of the Bible

Lesson 4 - The Bible and Recent Discoveries

Lesson 5 - The Canon of the Bible

Lesson 6 - Modern day Translations of the Bible

Original text and slides of lessons 1-4 from "How We Got the Bible", ©1970 Gospel Services, Inc. Used by permission. Various edits and new audio recordings by the Bible Study Center 2006-2014.

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