Major Religions of the World

One has to be amazed at the many different religions, sects, and denominations we see in the world today. Some of these that we call "religions" are not actually religions in the true sense of the word, but since people have classified them this way we will study them as such. The goal of this series of courses is to look at the more prominent groups in the world in an attempt to learn about the basic characteristics devotions and practices as well as the overall philosophy being promoted by these groups. Some of them use the Bible as their guide and others do not.

The focus of the material will not be upon judging whether or not the groups being studied are correct or incorrect. The material will seek only to inform the students of their basic teachings so that it may be possible to distinguish one group from another.

Here are the subjects which will be covered in PART 1 of the series.

Lesson 1 - A Short History of Religion

Lesson 2 - Judaism (The Jews)

Lesson 3 - Hinduism

Lesson 4 - Mohammedanism (Islam)

Lesson 5 - Buddhism

Lesson 6 - Christianity (in General)