Jesus: Lord of Our Lives

This course is a follow-up to "Jesus: Man of the Bible" by looking at the results of Jesus' many works. The material begins with a close look at the PLAN of God for the salvation of man's sins.

Lessons 1-4 look at a historical view of this PLAN as is revealed in the books of the Old Testament. Then it jumps into the New Testament and lets writers of the New Testament explain the significance of Old Testament events as they relate to God's PLAN. These lessons close with a look at how Jesus came and fulfilled God's plan with his life and death on the cross.

Lesson 5 will focus entirely upon the subject of Jesus' death and its relationship to the "Grace of God".

Lessons 6 & 7 will involve research into the New Testament (using the basic study skills learned from Jesus: Man of the Bible) to look for the instructions given by God for man to follow in order to "receive Jesus" into their lives.

Lessons 8-10 will then go beyond the details of receiving Jesus and look at the basics of God's expectations for the Christian life. These lessons will serve as an outline of topics which students must advance into if they want to live a life of service to God.

The final two lessons of the course will attempt to take all the material from BOTH of these courses and put them into context under the heading of "LORDSHIP!"

Lesson 1 - The Scheme of Redemption (Part 1)

Lesson 2 - The Scheme of Redemption (Part 2)

Lesson 3 - The Scheme of Redemption (Part 3)

Lesson 4 - The Scheme of Redemption (Part 4)

Lesson 5 - Righteousness

Lesson 6 - Accepting the Gift (Part 1)

Lesson 7 - Accepting the Gift (Part 2)

Lesson 8 - The Rest of Your Life (Part 1)

Lesson 9 - The Rest of Your Life (Part 2)

Lesson 10 - The Rest of Your Life (Part 3)

Lesson 11 - The LORDSHIP of Jesus: Man of the Bible (Part 1)

Lesson 12 - The LORDSHIP of Jesus: Man of the Bible (Part 2)

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