Old Testament Survey - Part 3

This course is the third of a series of SIX (6) parts covering a survey of the Old Testament. A survey course is designed to skim through the major points of a book.

In Part 3, we will continue our journey through the Old Testament, covering the time period from Samuel the prophet through all the kings of Israel and Judah until the time of the captivity in Babylon. Focus will be given on the nature of the story, the progression of it, as well as its significance when compared with the New Testament happenings in the life of Jesus.

Lesson 1 - Samuel and King Saul

Lesson 2 - The Reign of King David

Lesson 3 - King Solomon and the Division of the Kingdom

Lesson 4 - The Kings: Abijah to Ahaziah

Lesson 5 - The Kings: Joash to Zedikiah

Lesson 6 - Review of Genesis through Chronicles