Our programs are available for everyone!

We are NOT a church and so you do not have to first become part of our religious group in order to study with us. We DO have our religious beliefs and convictions, but we feel that we do not have the right to force anyone to believe as we do.

We believe that it is everyone's right (and responsibility) to choose for themselves what they will believe about the Bible. If our own beliefs are truly correct then anyone who studies the Bible ought to come to the same conclusions we have. That is the test we face each time a new student walks in the door.

As we see it, the problem today in religion is that there are too many people following the opinions of others instead of studying the TRUTH for themselves. We are not trying to start a "new church" because that is not what is needed. There is already a church in the Bible and it belongs to Jesus. The Bible also clearly teaches that Christ has ONLY ONE church and so how can we be happy or satisfied in a religious world that has more than 41,000 groups world-wide CLAIMING to be Christians and to be Christ's church? Is this what Christ died for? And, most importantly, HOW can we determine WHICH of all these churches is Christ's?

We believe that the answer to the problem is found in each person going back to the original source of truth - the Bible - and seeing for themselves the original teachings of Christ and his Apostles. This is the only place where we find the ORIGINAL Christianity. If people today discover and follow those teachings they will not be starting a new church. They will be joined to that one original church of Christ which started when HE died on that cross so many years ago!

Please come and visit us so we can help you start your own journey to find TRUTH!

No COST! No Obligation! No strings attached!