Learn To Study The Bible...

Misconceptions about studying the Bible...

"Bible study requires special training and so ordinary people, like me, can't study for themselves."

"Bible study isn't really that necessary because all I really need to do is go to church and pray."

"Bible study takes too much time and is expensive."

"Bible study will only make me confused!"

There are many wrong ideas going around today about Bible study. Unfortunately, the only way to know for certain what Bible study is really about is to experience it -- first hand! The points listed above are statements we have heard from actual students whom we have helped over the years. Well... guess what? Each of these points is actually proven wrong by explanations which are found within the Bible itself! The fact that these matters are discussed in the Bible shows that people who lived during the Bible times struggled with many of the same issues we do today. Why not take a little time and see for yourself? You might discover that there are a few more misconceptions about the Bible than the ones listed above.

At the Bible Study Center, we want to help. Our main goal is to help YOU learn how to study the Bible for yourself. We can't promise that all of your questions will be answered, but we can promise that the process will not be difficult and it won't cost you anything except time!

We will provide all class materials and we will award you with a certificate for each course you complete!

However, before you take advantage of any of our programs please take a few minutes to read carefully the document found at this link. It will help you understand why we work hard to create them and give you something important to keep in your mind as you use them.

Contact us for more details, or, better yet, come and visit us so that we can show you our different study programs.