Small Group Discussion Classes

We take advantage of the PROCESS OF LEARNING...

"The more involved a student becomes, the more learning takes place!"

Educators will verify that more learning takes place when students become involved in the process. If you sit and listen to a lecture, on average, you might only remember about 10% of what you hear! If you listen to that lecture and take notes, the percentage increases to about 40% However, if you listen, take notes, and become involved in a discussion then the percentage can reach 70% or higher!

Our courses at the Center are designed to help our students remember as much as they can of what they learn! This is why our classes are discussion oriented and we try to keep class sizes small. To further assist in the process, we provide all students with outlines containing the material for each class meeting and class time is provided for students to ask their questions. We also have Bibles for students to use in class.

Most of our courses utilize on-screen presentations, videos, or visual aids. Our instructors generally conduct classes in English, but they can understand and speak Cebuano. (Even our foreign instructors!)

Why not come and visit us so that we can show you more of what we have to offer.