How To Teach

This is a Members Only Program* series of courses and is composed of four parts of six lessons each – for a total of twenty-four lessons. That works out to more than six months of training! The goal of the material is to take members from a position of having no practical teaching experience in a classroom setting and equip them with enough knowledge and “hands-on” training to become classroom teachers by the end of the program.

PART 1 of the series takes an introductory look into the theories of the learning process and classroom teaching as it applies in a Bible Study Center setting. Each lesson after the first begins with a short quiz.

PARTS 2-4 provide practical training and application of the theories by using the lesson material of our course "Jesus: Man of the Bible" as a training tool. Students work through a portion of the lesson material each week. They have a week to study and learn the prescribed material before taking a quiz and then having an in class delivery assignment of a portion of that material in front of their fellow students for which they will receive a written evaluation of their progress.

There will be a major exam in the 6th week of each PART in the series and students must receive a grade of 75% on each part in order to advance to the next installment.

A certificate of completion is given ONLY after the successful completion of ALL FOUR parts of the series and students who successfully complete the How To Teach program will be invited to become regular teachers at the Bible Study Center!

* Please note that "Members Only" courses are taught with the assumption that the students are believers who have accepted the Gospel, according to the terms presented in the Bible, and therefore are "in Christ." Because of this assumption, we feel that people who have not yet come to an understanding and acceptance of the Gospel might come away from these courses with a wrong understanding about their relationship with God. Our conviction as Bible teachers prevents us from being willing to accept that and so this is why these courses are reserved for those we are convinced are truly "in Christ." We invite anyone wishing to enroll in the courses of this particular Bible Study Center program to talk with us about their individual circumstances so that we may determine if they are eligible.