Sermon on the Mount

This is a Members Only Program* series of courses and is composed of three parts of six lessons each – for a total of eighteen (18)lessons. If Christianity is based upon following the teachings of Christ then the Sermon on the Mount is perhaps the most concentrated single collection of those teachings found in the New Testament. In them we discover the most basic of attitudes God wants his “new creatures” to exhibit as they make their way through life being "lights in the darkness."

PART 1 covers Matthew chapter 5, verse 1 up to chapter 5 and verse 32.

PART 2 continues the study from Matthew chapter 5, verse 33 up to chapter 7 and verse 12.

PART 3 works through chapter 7, verse 13 down through verse 29, and end with a general review of the whole “lesson” Jesus taught in that one sitting.

* Please note that “Members Only” courses are taught with the assumption that the students are believers who have accepted the Gospel, according to the terms presented in the Bible, and therefore are “in Christ.” Because of this assumption, we feel that people who have not yet come to an understanding and acceptance of the Gospel might come away from these courses with a wrong understanding about their relationship with God. Our conviction as Bible teachers prevents us from being willing to accept that and so this is why these courses are reserved for those we are convinced are truly “in Christ.” We invite anyone wishing to enroll in the courses of this particular Bible Study Center program to talk with us about their individual circumstances so that we may determine if they are eligible.